Organic Cotton Knot Doll


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These traditional knot dolls have simple features and no pre-shaped facial expression, to stimulate a child's creativity. Whether a baby smiles, sings or cries, knot dolls are always their best friend. Made from 100% organic cotton terry cloth, and stuffed with pure wool, they are designed to absorb familiar smells of home, creating a beautiful source of comfort for your baby or toddler. Often, knot dolls can be given to children at a very young age and remains their favourite cuddle until adolescence!

Measures 24cm.
Ages 0+

This larger size is recommended for babies aged 9-18mths. The smaller knot doll is recommended for ages 0-9mths.

Keptin-Jr from the Netherlands is a collection of wonderfully soft and completely natural toys for babies and toddlers. Made from certified organic cotton and filled with pure sheep's wool, Keptin-Jr's cuddly toys are produced with respect for the environment. Coloured toys have been bleached without chlorine and are coloured with metal-free dyes. Durable fabrics, no small parts and reinforced stitching make these toys perfectly safe for babies and young children. All of the toys are fully washable.

The simple designs of the toys will stimulate the child's creativity and imagination, and the natural fabrics easily absorb and maintain the child's scent and body temperature.


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