Organic Cotton Mesh Reusable Produce Bag 4pk


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Organic Cotton reusable produce bags are lightweight, functional and strong.

Use instead of the  single use plastic or paper bags when buying fruit and vegetables, or other loose items like nuts or grains.

Weigh, buy, wash, dry and store produce in the same bag, with no 'sweating' and rotting in the fridge.

And they have so many other uses:

  • purchasing dry goods like pasta or beans
  • storing and carrying shoes (perfectly fits one pair)
  • travelling with your lunch or cosmetics

Machine washable.

Made from premium, unbleached, certified organic cotton.

Bag weight is printed on the label to make it easy to subtract at checkout.

Organic cotton is an excellent choice if you'd like to make sure this product composts after it has finished being useful. 

Measures  30 x 40cm.

Made in India.

Ever Eco are an Australian, family-run business providing low-waste solutions for families and individuals. 

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