Friendship Doll - Ruby

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These beautiful Steiner-inspired dolls are exquisitely handcrafted. Their hair is made from strands of pure wool and the ‘skin’ from 100% cotton knit. Each doll is filled with pure Himalayan sheep's wool and can be hand-washed. The clothing is mostly cotton. All garments can be removed.

Please note: While maintaining a distinct style, due to its handcrafted nature, each doll will vary slightly and fabrics used for the garments may vary. Each doll develops its own distinctive personality, creating them becomes a delightful achievement for the maker and a special and unique toy for a child.

Measures 36cm in length.

Dolls are sold separately and additional clothing is available separately. 

These dolls are unique creations by women who are Tibetan refugees and local Indians living in Dharamsala in the Northern Indian Himalayas. The project aims to empower its artisans by training them in new skills and creating meaningful, income generating and enjoyable work opportunities within a homely and supportive environment. The workshop is a small-scale, self sufficient, socially aware enterprise which abides by Fairtrade principles.

What is a Steiner doll?

These exquisitely made dolls are based on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, which acknowledges the various unique children’s needs and aims to respond to them holistically through activity, imagination and creativity. A doll for a child is either a reflection of him or herself or of another person and thus can become a trustworthy companion and confidante. Therefore, the facial expressions and appearance are kept intentionally simple, allowing the doll to resemble the full range of human emotions and giving the child the freedom to imitate, imagine and play out whatever is important in his or her own life. As young children develop their feelings and knowledge about themselves and their surroundings – largely through touch and bodily sensations – it is important that soft, warm, natural materials are used in making dolls.

These dolls are filled tightly with pure sheep wool, giving them weight and firmness just like a real child and making their limbs flexible, which allows for natural postures and easy handling. The ‘skin’ of these Steiner-inspired dolls is made of pure cotton knit and they are dressed in simple, attractive cotton garments.

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