Tree Resin

Tree Resin

Tree resin is an excellent additive for making your own beeswax wraps at home. Melted with beeswax and applied to fabric, resin gives your wraps a little stickiness so they cling well and keep your food fresh.  

We have two different types of tree resin available. Please read the following and decide which is best suited to your needs:

Pine Rosin (colophony/pine rosin) - this is a dried and cleaned part of the resin obtained from pines and some other coniferous plants. It's often used by musicians who play stringed instruments, or by dancers or athletes. Pine rosin has mild a pine scent, which will settle after a few days. Pine rosin may be an allergen for some people, especially for those who are exposed to it in large, industrial quantities, although many people use it without any allergic response. Fumes can be hazardous at over 200°C, but these temperatures are not achieved in beeswax wrap making or use. It's considered safe to use for food storage. This pine rosin is plantation harvested in China and is WW grade.

Dammar Gum -  this 
is a mature form of natural resin, obtained sustainably from the sap of Dammar trees in Indonesia. The scent is a little more subtle than pine rosin. Dammar resin is food safe, and has been used to make chewing gum, incense and varnish. There are no known allergens. This Dammar Gum is AB grade.

Ziplock pack contains 30g.

The plastic bag has been reused from another dry product we receive in our store. 

This combines with our beeswax ingots, in the perfect proportions for wrap making. 

For a tutorial on how to make beeswax wraps, you can watch our children do it here.

Type Pine Rosin

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